On top of website management and press release writing, I am experienced in managing a team's social media channels and have created graphics for use across multiple platforms including still images, GIFs and videos. 

With the Elizabethton Twins, I worked to grow the team's presence online and specifically on social media with eye-catching graphics and creative posts.

  • June 2019: More Twitter impressions and new followers than the team saw in the entire 2018 season.

    • 600 new followers, 700,000 impressions​.

  • Metrics across Facebook and Twitter both rose in July and August as well.

    • 400% increase in traffic on Twitter and a 300% increase on Facebook in 2019 compared to 2018.  

For the Melbourne Aces as well, I made Twitter a focus in the 2019/20 season, as the platform had been underutilized in past seasons. Once again, I used a player-focused strategy to drive traffic.

  • December 2018: 262,000 impressions

  • December 2019: 2 million impressions.

    • More than double the impressions of the previous season​

With every team I've worked for, I routinely produce:

  • Pre-season media guide (Only ones ever for Stompers and Aces)

  • Daily media notes

  • Press releases & game stories

  • Daily pregame show

  • On-camera content on social media.